Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium

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What Makes a Good Arts Leader?

Michael Wilkerson: Assistant Professor of Arts Management at AU (Moderator)
Ian David Moss: Research Director, Fractured Atlas, and founder of
Jamie Bennett: Director of Public Affairs, NEA
Stephanie Evans Hanson: Local Arts Agency Program Coordinator, Americans for the Arts
Michael Bobbitt: Producing Artistic Director, Adventure Theatre, and President of the League of Washington Theatres


We have all heard of the need for strong leadership in the arts field, especially as we encounter an era in which large numbers of arts managers are beginning to retire, thus leaving control to a new generation of leaders. What exactly is it, however, that makes a good leader? What makes a leader an effective force within his or her organization? What are the forces and issues that the leaders of tomorrow will need to address? How does technology affect leadership? And beyond the organization, how can a leader in the arts be an effective leader within the larger community? More importantly, why is it vital that arts leaders be leaders within their communities?

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NEA Podcast Series

My name is Raynel Frazier I am a first year Arts Management graduate student at American University and this semester I am very excited because I have the opportunity to continue my internship at the National Endowment for the Arts. One of my favorite things about the NEA is their podcast series hosted by Josephine Reed. The podcast features interviews of people working in the arts (artist, arts managers, etc.). Because I am a jazz trombonist and absolutely love Jazz I greatly enjoyed the podcast she did leading up to the 2012 NEA Jazz Masters Awards Ceremony and Concert; which featured interviews of this years’ class of Jazz Masters as well as previously named Jazz Masters. But whether you love Jazz like me or if your interest is in other arts disciplines the NEA podcast is a great place to visit.

Listening to the NEA podcast has been a great inspiration to me. The information I’ve learned by listening to artist and arts professionals talk about their lives has motivated me to continue to pursue a career in the arts. With Arts Advocacy Day and the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium coming up now is a great time to tune into the NEA podcast and maybe you will be inspired as well.

So, what podcast do you love to listen to? Let me know and I’ll defiantly check them out!

NEA Podcast (click this link to listen to the NEA Podcast online)

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