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EALS Survival Guide

by Zenia Simpson
I simply cannot believe the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium is 2 days away! After a year of planning, waiting, and tweeting, finally the day is near where over 200 arts managers from all over the country will converge at American University to share lessons learned and discuss how to lead this ever-evolving field. But with a 9-5, jam-packed day (with breaks, but many activities), hundreds of people,  and plenty of things to choose from, it can be a bit much if you aren’t prepared. So here’s a brief EALS Survival Guide to help your day go off without a hitch. If you haven’t purchased a ticket, we only have 20 tickets left so be sure to buy your ticket now!

Continue reading “EALS Survival Guide”

What the EALS Committee Is Looking Forward To

We are only five days away from the most ambitious symposium yet. The EALS committee has spent many hours together, planning, coordinating, and sometimes dancing, to ensure that #EALS2016 lives up to the greatest expectations of everyone planning to attend. When you ask us what we’re excited for, we’ll all agree that EALS has an incredible line-up of speakers, but beyond that we are each looking forward to different things… Continue reading “What the EALS Committee Is Looking Forward To”

The Election Year + ART

by James Swindell, guest writer & EALS Ambassador

There are several directions this blog could take to explore the intersections between many of the current issues in this Presidential election like healthcare or tax reform with the arts.  And though I would love to discuss the election at length here, I will leave the political commentary to the pundits only to focus on a more personal narrative pertaining to advocacy.   Continue reading “The Election Year + ART”

Panel Announcement – Law and Art: Simplifying The Complex

For our last panel announcement (!), we’re focusing on the intersection of law and art. See our recent post from Helene Genetos for a great interview with her cousin, lawyer and former Gallery Director Christina Pannos for a look into the art law field and read on to learn more about our panelists for the Law and Art: Simplifying the Complex below! Continue reading “Panel Announcement – Law and Art: Simplifying The Complex”

Panel Announcement: A Response to Genocide: Exploring Collective Memory through Participatory Arts

By Diana Freeberg, guest writer. Photo credit: “Anguish” by Krikor Khandjian.

When I was in high school, I remember reading a book called Where the Birds Never Sing. The book, written by Jack Sacco, was based off of the stories of his father, one of many soldiers to participate in the liberation of Dachau in 1945.

When I read this book, I had no concept of the term “genocide,” and I had no knowledge of its modern-day history.

Basically, I didn’t know it was still happening. Continue reading “Panel Announcement: A Response to Genocide: Exploring Collective Memory through Participatory Arts”

What’s Going On At EALS: Workshops, Networking, Performances and More!

EALS is less than two weeks away so it’s time to get you prepared for a full day at this year’s symposium. If you’ve been following us closely, you know we’ve been rolling out great panel line ups like Building a Community Using Arts Education and Organizational Renewal. But the symposium is much more than panels and keynotes… If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, get it today!

Colleague Connect: Quality over Quantity Networking

EALS welcomes arts leaders from all around the country, so we thought we should begin the day by getting to know each other! Rather than try to meet every single person (and struggle to keep them straight), we’ve designed a morning networking activity in which you’ll get to know a new group of colleagues beyond just what’s on your name tags. All you need to bring is a pen, and we’ll take care of the rest.

EALDC Resumé Review Table

Need to get your resumé on fleek just in time for graduation or an upcoming job transition? Join us in welcoming members of Emerging Arts Leaders DC as they provide expert tips in taking your resumé to the next level. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to spend your lunch hour networking with some of DC’s finest arts administrators.

PS – Instead of running out to find lunch during the break, let us order it for you. Reserve your $5 Cosi salad or sandwich here.


Afternoon Workshops

This year’s symposium will offer 3 lunchtime workshop opportunities! Join key members from Americans for the Arts or DreamYard Arts Center as they explore how to be an arts advocate, integrating social justice into your organization, and how we can continue to keep the arts relevant and impactful in our communities. You’ll leave these workshops with practical tools to carry with you as an arts leader.

katzen museum
Renee Stout. See-Line Woman, 2009.

Katzen Museum Tours

Take a few minutes in the day to get lost in the museum. The American University Museum is a three-story public museum and sculpture garden located within the Katzen Arts Center. The four current exhibits feature female artists. They are Renée Stout: Tales of the Conjure WomanCircle of FriendsImpact! The Legacy of the Women’s Caucus for Art, and Maggie Michael: A Phrase Hung in Midair as if Frozen.

EALS rec


At the close of the day, we treat all of our attendees to a catered reception with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar (ask anyone who atteneded last year about the crab dip – it was devine). The reception also features music by violinist Philip Carter. It’s a great time to reflect on the day, speak to new friends, and share ideas over a glass of wine.

Panel Announcement: Concurrent Roles Leaders who are Artists First

Many managers are artists first, leading their organizations with a deep, personal knowledge of what it takes to foster and manage creativity. This panel explores the how and why of artists who have transitioned into a leadership role, examining how their artistic background has been a benefit to their success in steering unique organizations and projects. These leaders will share their insights on the importance of maintaining their artistic practice while navigating between the roles of artist and manager. Continue reading “Panel Announcement: Concurrent Roles Leaders who are Artists First”

Panel Announcement: Hitting Refresh On Your Organization

There comes a time when organizations need to take a step back and evaluate their work, how it aligns with their mission and purpose, and how to improve and grow. It is not an easy task, nor one that most employees want to undertake, but it is an essential move for some. It can come from a need to change locations, to capitalize on the experience economy we live in, or a need to capture a new market through a rebranding Continue reading “Panel Announcement: Hitting Refresh On Your Organization”

Keynote Announcement: Megan Crigger

With the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium fastly approaching, we’re excited to announce our second keynote speaker Megan Crigger, Director of Creative Services for the City of Kansas City, Missouri, Office of Culture and Creative Services. Read her full bio below. Continue reading “Keynote Announcement: Megan Crigger”

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