We on the EALS committee want to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day! We feel incredibly honored by the love and support the symposium continually receives from friends, families, and the greater arts community. We are so excited to very soon be sharing with you the most amazing news about our panelists and the professional development and networking feature we’ll be incorporating this year. But for now, at the risk of leaving you too much in suspense, we want to share with you what we love most about the arts and the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium.

Things we love about the arts:

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I love the quiet moments I have with myself when I dodge into a museum in the middle of the day, or catch a show last minute just because. Art has this beautiful way of revealing ourselves to ourselves and giving us a window into the soul of the creators and the thoughts, philosophies, or societal questions it attempts to answer or shed light upon. Art helps to center me and give voice to the thoughts and feelings I haven’t found a way to express in words.Zenia, Marketing Coordinator


I love that the arts are a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a society. It’s an expression of passion that goes far beyond words. I believe that when words fail, art steps in. Art can unite us, inspire us, and force us to face larger issues. And I think it’s vital to sustaining our sense of culture and identity, as well as propelling us onward.Jenni, Program Coordinator


I love how people’s primary motivation for entering this field, in any capacity, is driven by passion. Being in the arts is not just “work” or “just another job”. We are part of the arts because we love it, want to share that passion with others, and can’t imagine a life without it. Tori, Marketing Coordinator


The arts are incredibly diverse and embracing of that diversity. If you can paint, paint. If you can dance, dance. If you can sing, sing. If you want to sit there and appreciate it from the audience because doing something creative is hazardous to those around you, appreciate. No one will judge you less for the skills you demonstrate or do not demonstrate. Plus, the people you meet within the arts come from a variety of backgrounds, styles and outlooks. It makes being a member of this community so much more inspiring when compared to my previous fields because everyone is so accepting and open.Helene, Finance Coordinator

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Things we love about EALS:


I love EALS because it is one of the most intimate, personalized conferences for arts managers I’ve ever seen.  It is an action-packed day where a relatively small group meets to really dive into their passion.  It is dynamic, engaging, and important because there are so many valuable insights and networks to be gained within just one short day! Erin, Executive Chair


Working with such an amazing, talented group of women! And engaging such a depth of experience and talent for our panels.Sarah, Production Manager


I love EALS because it is the opportunity to be surrounded and inspired by the brilliant minds of our industry. AmyJo, Program Coordinator


Besides the wonderful women I’m serving with, I love the panels: creating them, picking out the best panelists to give attendees a great experience, and then simply seeing them in action. Colleen, Finance Chair


I love the excitement that is beginning to surround us as we get closer to the big day. We are all working so hard to put together the best possible symposium with some of the most influential leaders in the arts. I love the feeling of accomplishment it has brought me so far and look forward to the coming month and a half of final planning. I also adore working with such a wonderful team. It is such a treat to working with such motivating and intelligent individuals. Laura, Vice Chair

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