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DC Insider’s What To Do EALS Weekend Guide

by Helene Genetos. Photo Credit Penn Social, location of EALS Meet and Greet on Saturday.

As you know from last year, I have perfected my list of where to go, eat, and drink in DC over EALS weekend over my 10+ years in DC. So, it’s only right that I do it one more time. After 8 months away in Chicago and London, I had a lot of fieldwork to do, aka stuffing my face, once I got back in January. It was a tough mission, but a worthy one.

I’d like to thank my friends who informed me of the best new spots that emerged while I was away and even dragged me away from the library to try some of them. I’d also like to thank everyone coming to EALS, from as far as Utah, as my motivators. Because I want nothing more than for you to have an amazing weekend in DC! Continue reading “DC Insider’s What To Do EALS Weekend Guide”

In the Family: An Art Law Interview with Christina Pannos

I know it is not a shock to anyone that’s met me, but I come from an extended family full of lawyers. I think my dad secretly trained me into being a lawyer because I certainly argue like one. Despite the family tradition, I eventually worked my way into the arts and, with the guidance of my older cousin, found a home here. That cousin, Christina Pannos, is the perfect combination of my dad and me professionally. She is who I want to be someday.
Today, Christina works as an art law professor using what she learned as a lawyer alongside her experiences as an art gallery director to provide real life situations and training to her students. So as we dive into the complicated world of art law during our Law and Art: Simplifying the Complex panel at this year’s Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium  I thought ‘who better to simply explain art law as an arts manager than Christina!’ I hope you enjoy our conversation. Continue reading “In the Family: An Art Law Interview with Christina Pannos”

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