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Getting to Know Megan Crigger, EALS Keynote

Megan Crigger, this year’s closing keynote, took the time to answer some tough questions for our blog. Her answers only make us more excited to welcome her at EALS 2016. Read the following Q & A for details on creating ArtCap, a micro-loan program for artists,  the kind of condiment Megan sees herself as, and more. You can read Megan’s bio here. Continue reading “Getting to Know Megan Crigger, EALS Keynote”

An Astronaut’s Perspective: Why STEAM Matters

The following is a conversation between a father and daughter on the importance of a STEAM education. Mike Foreman, a former NASA astronaut, flew on space missions STS-123 and STS-129, logging more than 26 days in space and over 32 hours of extravehicular activity. His daughter, AmyJo Foreman, is this year’s EALS Director and has not logged any hours in space… yet.

Continue reading “An Astronaut’s Perspective: Why STEAM Matters”

How To: EALS Brunchette & Silent Auction

1. First, get your game face on.

grumpy-cat gif


2. But, also, come ready to party.


3. Don’t be afraid of a little, friendly competition.

goat gif
Do not let those Sixth & I tickets go home with someone else.


 4. You’ll get up close and personal with some amazing auction items.

manatee gif
What is in that Dance Package?!


5. REVEL in their glory!!



6. Enjoy delicious treats with friends.

guinea pigs


7. Or stuff your face alone!


8. Or both. What matters is that you’re enjoying the treats.

cookie gif
Warning: Nutella Turnovers subject to be delicious


 9. Get to know someone better…

natural hair color gif

…so you’re not intimidated next time you see them.

Werewolf Office Prank


10. Jam to some tunes with that new person you just met! #networking

neil dance gif


11. If someone won’t dance with you, cry about it. This party’s about YOU! ..And EALS, but also you.

dance friends


12. When the bidding gets close, fight for what you want.

corgi competition gif
Try this: “Those tickets to Strathmore ARE MINE!” 


amy poehler winning


13. Good luck. May the odds be ever in your favor!

hunger games
And remember, we take cash, check, or credit


Join the lovely ladies of EALS at our Silent Auction is this Sunday, November 16th from 11am to 2pm at Project 4 Gallery! Buy your tickets online! For directions and additional information, check out our Facebook event.

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