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February 22, 2016

Panel Announcement: Concurrent Roles Leaders who are Artists First

Many managers are artists first, leading their organizations with a deep, personal knowledge of what it takes to foster and manage creativity. This panel explores the how and why of artists who have transitioned into a leadership role, examining how their artistic background has been a benefit to their success in steering unique organizations and projects. These leaders will share their insights on the importance of maintaining their artistic practice while navigating between the roles of artist and manager. Continue reading “Panel Announcement: Concurrent Roles Leaders who are Artists First”


Panel Announcement: Hitting Refresh On Your Organization

There comes a time when organizations need to take a step back and evaluate their work, how it aligns with their mission and purpose, and how to improve and grow. It is not an easy task, nor one that most employees want to undertake, but it is an essential move for some. It can come from a need to change locations, to capitalize on the experience economy we live in, or a need to capture a new market through a rebranding Continue reading “Panel Announcement: Hitting Refresh On Your Organization”

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