We can’t believe that DC + ART is only one day away! If you haven’t yet, be sure to get your ticket NOW since only a handful of tickets are left and their price goes up tomorrow!

DC + ART will start tomorrow night at 7:30pm, in the heart of Dupont Circle on 18th Street. Our spacious setting has multiple rooms filled with flowers, candles, delicious food, and music from our guest violinist, Philip Carter. There will be photographers and even a photobooth, as guests are invited to eat, drink, mingle, and make introductions or catch up with old friends. There will be free door prizes to winners selected at random throughout the night, as well as flash sales on some great auction items. The silent auction will feature bundles like the Chinatown Express and The AU Diet starting as low as $15.

As the night progresses, we’ll shake things up a little and hopefully some of you with a dance background can teach us a thing or two. We’ll also FINALLY announce our first EALS keynote speaker, and hint, they are right here in DC (because it’s not DC + ART unless we keep it local). We’ll round out the night by announcing our auction winners, after which we invite you to continue the night with us at some of our favorite late-night Dupont haunts!

We’ve been working hard to make sure this event goes off without a hitch. Tori & Haley, our fearless development team, have been leading the party planning charge, while Chris and I have been busy tweeting, facebooking, blogging, and newslettering (that’s totally a thing). Jenni and Emily have been making McGriddles (no, not a McDonalds sandwich), while Dave and Helene keep us on budget. Sarah ensures we all build on the success of our predecessors as AmyJo, somehow, magically keeps us all together. Between organizing auction items, buying food and drinks, and hunting down tutus in our closets, we’re more than ecstatic to celebrate EALS 2016: + ART with you all. Here’s to our ninth year of bringing the very best in the arts field to DC.

Buy tickets here.

DC + ART will be held Friday, October 16, from 7:30 – 10:30pm at 1918 18th St NW, Courtyard #2, Washington, D.C. For any questions, please email us at auartsymposium@gmail.com.