Good afternoon! AmyJo here. While many of you are already familiar with our continuing EALS Committee members, Jenni, Sarah, Tori, Zenia, and Helene,  I am happy to announce the newest members to the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium Committee! They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to EALS and they make exceptional additions.

Haley Powell, Advancement Coordinator 

unnamed-5Originally from Fort Worth, TX, Haley is happy to be back in the DC area after spending the past 10 years in Los Angeles. Haley’s career has been very much like her favorite condiment, Sriracha mayo  – “classic with a twist.” After graduating with a BA in Theater with a focus on design from Northwestern, her professional work has included everything from art handling for the Smithsonian, to event management and design for Xbox, to building puppets in the mountains of Italy. When asked what TV sitcom family she’d like to join, without question it would be the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and given the chance to bring anyone back from the dead, she’d choose Johnny Cash. If Haley was really a member of the Buffy crew, I’d bargain that we see Johnny Cash at a committee meeting any day now (that’s a reference to season 6, nerds). In any event, Haley is looking forward to being a part of the EALS Committee and rediscovering that season you call “winter.”

Christopher McCloskey, Marketing Coordinator


Born in Philly, raised in DC, and a retired Brooklynite of the past eight years, Chris can handle just about anything…but peanuts. He’s developed a close relationship to his Epi-Pen over the years as he’s dodged pad thai at his numerous jobs in the hospitality industry. For the past two years, he’s worked as the Operations Manager for a Brooklyn-based sculptor and has returned home to DC to focus on his interests in marketing, development, and the intersection of art and technology. Much like his favorite condiment horseradish, Chris is “intense and hot, but the punch subsides pretty quickly into a very enjoyable mellow tone” which is very much welcomed on the EALS Committee and marketing department.

David Travis, Finance Coordinator 

daveLibrarian by day, musician (and now grad student) by night, Dave has lived in the DC area for 16 years after coming here for school at the University of Maryland.  As a child, and even now, he wanted a real lightsaber, but he’s happy they don’t actually exist because he would probably cut his arm off, which would make balancing and managing the EALS budget pretty hard. He would love to be a part of the work family on Brooklyn Nine-Nine where “everyone is really supportive, but also a bit crazy and [they look like] a ton of fun to hang with.” Clearly dreams do come true because he got the EALS family, which is essentially the same.

Emily Hirsch, Program Coordinator 

unnamed-6Emily grew up as the epitome of a girl’s girl: she wanted to be Michelle on Full House to get close to Uncle Jessie *wink* and to be the billionaire Olsen twins with her very own Barbie Jeep. The only thing she was not into, and still would like to disinvent as an adult, are high heels (she sends her apologies to true heel lovers and KISS fans everywhere.) After graduating from the University of South Florida with a B.M. in Clarinet Performance and a Certificate in Nonprofit Business Management, she joined the Peace Corps. While in the Peace Corps, she created and managed an arts festival in the Cambodian countryside and spent the next four years developing arts and education events throughout southeast Asia. It was there where she fell absolutely in love with the international arts scene. Now, you can find her here in the States rowing on the Potomac River, taking photos, or eating international cuisine.

Now that we have our committee in its final form, plans for the 2016 Symposium are well under way. I could not be more excited to work with and get to know such an incredible group of men and women. Can’t wait for you to all meet them in person at our upcoming event which we will be announcing shortly….