Recently, a close friend from undergrad came to visit. She requested her usual: at least one trip to The Hamilton, cupcakes from Baked and Wired, and a comfortable place to sleep. Then she asked me for something she had never asked for before: crayons and pencils to color with.  She had purchased an adult coloring book after she saw her mother with one. “Everyone colors now,” she said. “I invited my mom to a Paint and Sip event and she told me she was already doing that on her couch.”

In fact, creativity is something adults are starting to seek out and look to for professional and personal growth. Laura M. Holson’s op-ed piece, “We’re All Artists Now” in The New York Times points to the rise of adult coloring books and even books about the positive effects of adult coloring books (like sticking to your diet and having clearer thinking). Groupon and similar sites offer painting parties on a seemingly continual basis due to the proliferation of such companies.

We see in our own day-to-day lives how apps have turned people who wouldn’t consider themselves artists, or even artistic, into full-blown photo editors and digital storytellers. Yet, within the arts, we constantly talk about how millienials and Gen Xers are not coming through our doors. Is it possible that this emerging creativity trend will create a newfound desire for this demographic to participate and engage in the arts more fully? Let us know what you think in our poll below!

By Zenia Simpson