Panel Topics Announcement!

With the symposium less than two months away, it’s time to start getting hyped about this year’s forum! We’ve already announced our keynote speakers (Jane Chu, Chairman of the NEA, and Howard Herring, President and CEO of the New World Symphony), but now we are here to bring you more exciting news! To help build up the anticipation, here is the list of panel topics for the 2015 Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium:

Back to Black: Achieving and Maintaining Financial Stability
Based on growing intrigue around arts organizations that have dug out of the red and into the black in their budget, this discussion will center on how arts managers have successfully turned their organization’s financial status around.  The panelists will describe how they assessed and prioritized goals, the obstacles they encountered, and their ongoing concerns.  Comparing stories and tactics may bring to light similarities or vast differences in approach.


Outreach Outcomes: Engagement that Matters
Our field is increasingly striving for community connection, audience diversity, and interactivity with its patrons.  In this major effort, what goals and outcomes do engagement experts hope to accomplish?  Do organizations have evaluation and deliverables that support their outcomes?  Once we have established ideal engagement with diverse audiences, how do we keep them coming back for more? Our panelists will begin to answer these questions and communicate their experiences with engaging arts audiences.

Putting Artists First: Arts Incubators and Other Support Structures

This conversation will focus on the innovative thinkers and organizations who consistently elevate artists.  Though artist support varies from vocal advocates to health care cooperatives and idea incubators, all panelists share a passion for keeping artists focused on their important work.  Panelists will share tools, strategies, and visions for the future.

Arts in Post-Crisis Areas

One of the most popular trends in arts outreach is focus on art as a transformative healing tool in the U.S. and beyond.  Crises arise from a variety of factors, including geological, personal, and political.  The panel will bring a range of experts together in conversation to discuss managing healing processes through art.  Panelists will compare methods, strategies, and aspirations for the future to impart on arts leaders of tomorrow.

Founders’ Stories: Entrepreneurship and Arts Start-Ups

Panelists gather to share their unique artist/manager narratives to find common ground and compare their experiences.  Turning ideas into reality certainly requires persistence, strategy, and possibly a little luck.  The conversation will highlight the tools, connections, and inspiration of the panelists to inform young entrepreneurs and arts leaders hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Arts Education: Sponsored by Americans for the Arts
EALS is proud to be partnering with Americans for the Arts for part of this year’s symposium. Together, our two organizations are co-hosting a panel on leadership and advocacy for arts education. The panel will explore the necessary qualities needed by those in the arts education field to incorporate advocacy into their teaching. Additionally, panelists will discuss arts education issues and policy implications relevant to those in the arts in general to promote advocacy awareness on every level.


We will be announcing the panelists for these panels soon, so check back to our blog and social media for those updates. Don’t forget to mark March 22nd, 2015 on your calendar! 54 days until this year’s Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium!