Still wondering what to buy for art lovers in your life? Look no further! EALS has compiled a gift buying guide that will have your artsy friends drooling.

As a simple rule, art lovers are into unique gifts. We are constantly analyzing the details of things and focusing on aesthetics, tone, and meaning in our art lives. Why not inspire the artist in your life with a gift that incorporates just those unique elements?




I have been drooling over this book for months. Its catchy title and cover makes me anxious to read what’s inside!




Artists also appreciate locally-sourced gift items… especially if a fellow artists made them. The Downtown Holiday Market here in DC was filled with great jewelry, pottery, and prints. I especially loved these photos of Legos and action figures by Joe Shymanski.




Look no further than your local art museum store for some great, thoughtful gifts. These stores do the work for you by choosing gift items for art lovers! For example, make their rainy day sunny with this blue sky umbrella from the MoMA Museum Store.



Whether or not your friend or loved one is a photographer, artists like keeping visual record of their art adventures. Help them capture priceless moments with a phone or camera accessory. This neat little gadget captures fisheye photos with a phone camera attachment.




Most artists are proud of their home. Help them celebrate their hometown, city, or state with a place-based gift like these D.C. themed cufflinks.



Something one-of-a-kind is always a good bet for a gift for the art lover in your life. This beautiful pottery by Patrick Rademaker is a great example of a swoon-worthy gift with the ultra-unique stamp of approval!




Artists are also big fans of social causes which help the world become a better place. I recently discovered an amazing social enterprise called Trading Hope that’s mission is to create jobs to help alleviate poverty around the world. They connect artisans without markets for selling their work with buyers who love their jewelry and other gifts.



If you have a tiny artist in your life, help inspire their creativity with a project kit or art-themed activity. This book helps kids turn the boxes from other gifts they receive into works of art!


9Give the gift of creativity in a more adult fashion with a craft ingredient or cocktail component. This summer I tried Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s small batch tonic and it took my G&T game to a whole new level.




Ultimately, artsy types just want to experience more art! Support their habits by treating them to tickets. Though choosing a day and time of an event can be hard, most venues offer gift certificates or subscription packages so that you don’t have to do the hard part. Check out Woolly Mammoth’s six pack deal for a truly unique gift.


This blog post was written by Erin Quinlan.