We’re less than two months away from the big day, and to help you prepare thoughtful questions, provocative comments, and the best possible outfit, we’ve compiled this handsome summary of the six panel discussions that will grace the rooms of Katzen on March 23. Enjoy!


Cross-pollination: Arts & _______  

Intended to show the limitless possibilities of artistic creation and creative thinking, this conversation will explore art that utilizes unconventional materials, is performed in unexpected locations, and involves partnerships with collaborators who are typically perceived to be outside traditional arts disciplines.  This panel will examine existing cross-pollination between the arts and other fields, highlighting current ideas and best practices to inspire a greater network of creative crossover while at the same time opening doors for more diverse funding streams and audience engagement opportunities.

Effective Leadership & Smooth Transitions

The very lucky among us have had the pleasure of working for a vibrant, inspiring, supportive leader; the kind of person who excites and energizes his staff, or who buoys support for her organization with seemingly effortless charisma. While it may seem like magic, this panel will provide a forum for discussion about strategic, innovative, and effective leadership styles and trends. Additionally, panelists will share their insights about smooth transitions – within an organization, up the ladder, or to another organization altogether.

The Rise of the Hybrid: Alternative Entities and Funding Streams

The seats are filled. Tickets have been sold. Donations and grants are steadily rolling in. So why the red in the budget? What else can you do? Well, you can start by joining us for this conversation on how to expand upon the limited number of income generating possibilities available to the standard non-profit. Our panel of seasoned experts will come together to discuss the rise of hybrid organizations that combine aspects of non-profits and for-profits and the challenges these hybrids face as they attempt to integrate traditionally separate organizational models. Here we will focus on an emerging paradigm where the ‘non’ of non-profit becomes negotiable.


Grantwriters & Grantmakers in the Arts

This panel takes a closer look at both sides of the arts funding process. We’ve invited prominent DC grant writers and makers to come together to discuss strategies and best practices for writing, reviewing, and funding the arts. This conversation will illuminate the goals and challenges on both sides of the funding fence as we explore how both grant givers and seekers work together to cultivate a vibrant arts culture within their community.

Arts & Diplomacy

Our world continues to shrink while our collective creativity abounds. Washington DC, a hub for international activity and exchange, boasts some of the most influential diplomacy organizations and programs in the world. This discussion will center on how we, as a leading nation, link to other countries and cultures through artistic mediums. How can music, theater, dance, and the visual arts evolve our dialogue and bridge cultural gaps? Representatives from arts organizations making significant diplomatic contributions will fuel this discussion on how art crosses borders.

Exploring the Relationship between Artist and Administrator

This timely discussion comes on the heels of a high-profile lockout in which artists and administrators could not reach an agreement on artist salaries, organizational priorities, or just about anything. Our field has the responsibility and the great privilege of collaboration. We cannot, in fact, exist without it. This panel discussion on the relationship between artists and administrators will let us hear from both sides, each bringing vital perspectives.  Through this conversation, we hope to glean insight into where some of the problems arise, how they can be solved, and the notion that at the end of the day we’re all here to do the same job: create and share art.

Keynotes & Panelists to be announced soon! Stay tuned!