For me, Halloween begins the “holiday season” each year.  The merriment continues a month later with Thanksgiving, then rounds out with winter holidays of all sorts.  I am a complete sucker for what they say about this time of the year.  It truly is the most wonderful.  I love the sense of joy, warmth, and togetherness it brings.

For this festive Thanksgiving post, I’ve asked for input from my fellow committee-mates to compile a list of fun, unique things we are thankful for.  After checking out our list, we’d love to hear what you are thankful for this year as well.

First, I asked what 1990’s song we are most thankful for.  We’ve got a really stellar and diverse list going here.  Everclear’s Wonderful, 4 Non Blondes’s What’s Up, the classic Backstreet Boys’s tune Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), along with pop hits Hanson’s MMBop, and TLC’s No Scrubs.  I’d say this is the beginning of a brilliant karaoke night playlist, right?

Since I recently paid a visit to our national zoo, I had to ask which animals in the zoo we are most thankful for.  Among those listed are giraffes, the unforgettable adorable red pandas and our new baby pandas.


Heather’s fluffy favorite: The Red Panda

I have to say my personal favorite national zoo species response comes from Charlie.  He says, “I’m fascinated by the wild and elusive group joggers found at the National Zoo. This fearsome beast roams the zoo at all hours, trampling the weaker of our species in what I can only assume is a gruesome combination mating/hunting ritual.”

If you’re wondering how we fuel our awesomeness, the next few answers may provide a little insight.  I first asked what caffeinated beverage each committee member is thankful for.  The Starbucks responses range from plain black coffee and an extra hot americano to iced green tea lattes, to salted caramel and gingerbread lattes.  A couple fun responses that I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with come from Hannah and Jessica.  Their favorites are Japanese Iced Coffee and the omniglorious Nutella Chai.  Yes, that exists.  Now go get it!


Jessica’s attempt at telling the Barista her name was Batman backfired.

Let’s be honest, we can’t fuel up on caffeine alone.  That’s why I polled the group about which fancy cocktail they were most thankful for.  As it turns out, we are a simple but sophisticated bunch.  Are you surprised?  If you ever want to take us out for a round, our favorites are mojitos, margaritas, dirty Shirley Temples, the classic Manhattan, and the go-to extra dirty, extra spicy Bloody Mary.  I’ll let you take your guesses at which drink belongs to which committee member.

Lastly, as we all take a moment to relax this holiday season, I want to share what types of seasons we are thankful for.  We got creative here.  We are thankful for football season, Girls season 3, Misfits season 1, every season of Doctor Who, Cherry Blossom season, hot chocolate season, and Halloween season (Jessica argues that this lasts until all the 75% off candy is sold).

I think it is safe to say we are a really grateful and creative bunch.  Those qualities contribute to our spunk and tenacity as a group.  We are eager to collaborate with our community as gracious leaders who happen to enjoy a mojito now and then.  As a new member of the committee, I can’t yet make many guarantees about our upcoming EALS season, but I can assure you we are (as we say in Kentucky) a whole heck-of-a-lotta fun.

I wish you all a restful break and a full belly on this Thanksgiving Day.

Erin is a first year arts management student hailing from Louisville, KY.  She is the Events Assistant and spends her spare time dancing and baking cupcakes.