“Russian Repertory Theatre: the business side of the stage” will address the features of the institutional model of the most widely disseminated type of theatre enterprise in Russia, and discuss the interdependence of economic and artistic components in the scenic arts.

Gureev_300x300_headshot (1)The presentation comprises a historic overview of the theatre business in Russia, and introduces a discourse about sustainability and modernization of the extensive network of state theatres.

Russian’s outstanding theatre art enjoys a reserved solid position in the cultural realm both nationally and internationally. Historically, government funding has played a major role in the public support of imperial and Soviet theatre. Sweeping transformations of the post-Soviet times, however, have brought an abundance of unexplored opportunities and looking threats. These have forced theatres to reinvent their modes of operation.

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German Gureev is a Fulbright fellow from Russia and a current Scholar-in-residence in the AU Arts Management program. He is conducting a yearlong research on business models of the American theatre towards his Ph.D. in Theatre Arts at St. Petersburg Theatre Academy.

He worked for several years in the position of a tour director at a ballet company, and previously as a deputy director for repertory at a drama company in St.Petersburg. German graduated from the Performing Arts Management Graduate Program of the St. Petersburg Theatre Academy, where he later served as an adjunct faculty. He is also a recipient of a fellowship of the International Society for the Performing Arts.

When: March 22. 5:30pm
Where: American University, Katzen Arts Center, Room 112

Register at rusrepth.eventbrite.com