The 2013 EALS Benefit is only a few weeks away, and this year we will be at the Hamiltonian Gallery at 1353 U Street!

“The Hamiltonian Gallery is a dynamic space in the heart of the growing Washington, DC contemporary arts district. The gallery focuses on innovative works by emerging and mid-career artists.”

Check out the artists whose work will be featured at the Hamiltonian during the 2013 EALS Benefit

Annette Isham


“My work deals with the construction of identity, role-playing and the commingled layers of self. I concentrate on these dynamics through video, photographs, installations, in which I perform characters based on socially standard behavior including falling in love, being discovered for celebrity and staying fit. I am interested in the subtle ways we absorb popular categorical media models. My aim is to interrupt these abstract romantic notions by making them visible and physical.”

 Jerry Truong


“I grew up in a small town in Northern California, coddled by the suburban American dream, oblivious to the social and political mechanisms that made our way of life possible. Even in my own home, I was blissfully unaware of the sacrifices my parents made to get us here. They never once spoke of the horrors they survived when they escaped from war-torn Vietnam by boat: the constant fear of pirates, suffering from starvation, and witnessing family members drown. We take for granted that every brick in every building and on every street was placed there by hand, and that the pristine and aesthetically structured world we aspire for comes at a cost. Using transformation and deception as conceptual strategies, my intention is for the viewer to be forced to peel back the formal facade. In the process, new questions about history, memory, and identity are revealed in the work, offering the potential for a deeper understanding of our roles within a civil society. I operate with the belief that there is no greater accomplishment than to be a catalyst for change, a force that is able to break people out of the mundane routine of passive acceptance.”

Come check out Annette’s and Jerry’s work, while drinking wine, listening to music and supporting the 2013 Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium. And don’t forget to dress up in your best 1960’s MadMen attire!!

For tickets to the 2013 EALS Benefit: Click Here