So my bff and I are enormous Stumble fans. We discovered this amazing tool back in college and now, not a day goes by that we don’t text/email/gchat/etc about the strange and wonderful things we’ve found on the internet. It is still, by far, the best time waster I’ve ever utilized and can often lead to some pretty amazing articles. I suggest you join immediately but you have been forewarned: if you find your self easily addicted to that which feels good… you may lose all stumbling control.

I’ve been resisting the urge to “stumble” these days due to a desire to rejoin society as a productive individual who shows up for work, school and friendships instead of feasting upon an endless array of internet memes and musings. But upon waking up this Friday morning with a case of the blues, I found my mouse heading back to that little red “Stumble!” button and clicking on through looking for a perk up.

So, great rationalizer that I am, I’ve limited myself to an hour of aimless stumbling in order to bring you the best little bits of internet I’ve found. So, enjoy:

Time for Three Mixes Classic With New

Classical music rocks! Especially when played by young, cute, and extremely talented violinists. Check out NPR’s Art Beat Interview with Time for Three as they get ready to make their Carnegie Hall debut this coming Tuesday! And don’t miss their “Stronger” music video below. Remember friends, art triumphs over a**holes.

Slutty Brownies

I have no idea who this blogger is nor her raison d’être for blogging (something to do with London?) but I agree, these brownies look like the best in the world:

Image from The Londoner

Now when it comes to baking, I’m a bit of a culinary snob. I like my baked goods to be from scratch, thank you very much, and consider using a mix “cheating” (much like I consider using photoshop to make “art” cheating. It’s just an opinion, not necessarily the truth). HOWEVER I’m all for cheating when it means easy steps and quick results of the gooey perfection pictured above. All you need is a box of cookie mix, a box of brownie mix, and 2 packages of Oreos and you’re ready to get baking. If you try the recipe leave your your taste-tested reviews in the comments.

Prettiest Words: All of Them

Blogger Sesquipedaedalus, (10 poins for name ipseity!) has come up with a list of 1,028 of the prettiest words. While their blog may not be the prettiest (deepest apologies, Sesquipedaedalus, tis the truth), the list reads  a bit like an epic Eliot poem. For any language lover, trying to read all of this is like gorging oneself on 25 pans of double chocolate brownies with chocolate fudge ice cream. It’s simply too much of a good thing. But taking a sampling here and there lends to some beautiful discoveries.

My favorites so far:

Cynophilist: dog-lover, one who loves or appreciates dogs

Limerence: extended infatuation or crush, contrast love

Cascarilla: West Indian shrub with aromatic bark, typically used in incense or tonics

The Rap Board

Birdman’s pigeon noise, without fail, makes me crack up. Kind of like poor Booba in his yellow sneakers. Without fail he makes me laugh. I pity and love him.

Click many at once and get a cacophonous range of music video worthy catch phrasings. Or perhaps next time your mother calls chose one at random and see how she responds.

Or maybe not.



Apparently this stuff is magic at covering up tattoos (on Caucasians. Human beings, like jelly beans, come in my flavors, Dermablend). Most of this post is boring but the video at the end, fascinating! My favorite part is when he wipes the make-up off.  Check out the video here:

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Art Every Day

Consider this, arts managers, when was the last time you participated in the arts? In the CREATING part? I know that between all my commitments, finding the time to paint feels like a luxury I just don’t have.  It’s almost as if when I gave up on being an artist, I gave up on every having the time to make art again. Forsooth! This is not true! So with that I’m going to take the 30-day art challenge. Some of their “task” ideas are quite cute, so take a moment to consider.

Feeling too commitment-phobic to commit to a whole month? Just for today try one of the art challenges: 10 minutes of doodling while on a boring conference call, capturing a couple images on your phone while walking to the metro… Think of it as a mind stretching exercise to keep the brain and imagination limber and post any further artistic suggestions below.

Happy Friday!