The EALS Committee has been working long hours to bring you a smashing good time on Saturday.  We’ve scoped out the venue, bought the wine, booked the band, contracted the photographer, and even put a small theme to the shindig.  Now we’re just waiting for the event to happen – and we’re growing increasingly excited!

The Burning Wicks will play sets of Jazz and Classical music and are a fantastic representation of the talent at American University.  The sommelier, Ryan Wegman, will be serving up Cabernet Saviogn, Pinto Gregio, and Chardonnay to add to the flavor of the night.  Cedric Terrell, DC’s leading professional event photographer will be capturing the festivities of the evening.

Jackson Pollock - Number 7 Courtesy Smithsonian National Gallery of Art

For added fun we’re suggesting that you come dressed as your favorite artwork, artist, character, etc.  Show us your interests through your attire!  I’ll be coming as a representation of Pollock’s Number 7 – on display at the Smithsonian.  Be creative, be outlandish, be yourself!

The Benefit starts at 8PM Saturday evening at Studio Gallery on R St – easy access from Dupont Metro (the side that’s open too!).  Tickets are $15 and include the wine, music, hors d’ourves, and the enjoyment of new friends.

Tickets can be purchased here: