…is that we’re all emerging arts leaders.

Lets face it, the arts as we know them are always changing all the time. Anyone in the arts field whether you create it, write about it, produce it, critique it, manage it, advocate for it or promote it needs to stay relevant, to stay current, and to check out the trends, share their wisdom, and learn new things. “Keeping it green” wasn’t always about taking the environmental track; it is about staying fresh, staying current, remaining teachable. We work in a field where to adapt is to evolve is to last. If you ever feel that you’ve learned everything you need to know, you’ve failed your field.

The Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium is for the benefit of those new to the field and those who’ve been running arts organizations since before arts management was a degree. We need and want to learn from you, and if you open your mind, you just might learn from us too.

Buy tickets to the symposium HERE or if you’re feeling gun shy and want to meet us first, get tickets to our benefit, drink some wine and we’ll chat you up HERE.