This week I had the joy of writing for the NEA’s Big Read Blog about some “little reads” for little hands. I’m talking about children’s books of course!

I love children’s books. I loved Jan Brett as a little girl. I freaked and and had a case of the shakes when I got to meet her at a reading of The First Dog. I still treasure my tattered copy of The Story of Ferdinand, my little brother’s all time favorite (if Ravi was a bull, he’d be Ferdinand). My mom taped herself (back in the days of cassett tapes) reading Blueberries for Sal for me to listen to when she had to work late. Who doesn’t have fond memories wrapped up in children’s books?

So that’s why around this time of year when the nostaligia hits home hard I chose to write about children’s books! Of course How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol are my go-to classic favs BUT I diverged when I came up with my top 5 (plus a bonus!) list of holiday favorites. Check out the post HERE and let me know in the comments what your favorite holiday reads are!