November 16th posted an essential read on her website Brain Pickings: Free Ride: Digital Parasites and the Fight for the Business of Culture. Ms. Popova, self defined as “editor of what’s essentially a public-service curiosity portal, ad-free and supported through reader contributions much in the way public radio and libraries are”, writes interesting, highly intelligent things about fascinating cultural issues and I’m probably one of her more avid Twitter followers. I often “retweet” her to my follows because I love the stuff she posts and I love looking like a smart person who reads interesting things online instead of watching hours of #cuteanimalvideos.

In this age of social media the art of redux is often an essential part of how and individual or organization brands themselves online. Popova’s article discusses the conflict between value-creating work of journalism and entertainment, and the tech companies racing to distribute their content, be it legally or not” and ultimately attempts to grapple with the issue of information cost in regards to Robert Levine’s book Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back.