Once upon a time there was this fabulous little arts organization where you could go make pots. Better than Color Me Mine. Better even than this:

The woman who ran it wanted to apply for a grant from the NEA. And the NEA wanted things like logic models and evaluation and MEASURABLE OUTCOMES.

Ugh. She just wanted to make pots and help other people have beautiful pot making experiences. So she sat down and wondered whether or not she could generate measurable outcomes. So she decided she would measure joy.

we again grappled with the core questions — how do you know when the artistic experience is authentic? How can you measure joy? The consensus was you know it when you see it

Arts managers need to think more in this way. We need to think about measuring joy, satisfaction, happiness, all the feel-good things that the arts enable, we will continued to be required to defend them. To measure them. So how did she do it? Read the full article here: Measuring Joy: Evaluation at Baltimore Clayworks