What can a young person do to advocate for the arts?

Pursue their passion.

We are the first generation of arts managed who trained as artists before coming to the field of management.  At American University alone our Arts Management class is made up entirely of students who trained as professional artists but chose instead to pursue a career of management.

Sure you could argue that maybe many of us are pursuing this path because we couldn’t hack it, but if you ask around you’ll find most of us continue to pursue that artistic path… but we dream bigger. We want to touch lives of artists and audiences. With our background and training we have the understanding and language to understand our artists, but also the ability to communicate with an audience. I believe one day this relationship between arts and audience won’t have to be facilitated, it will be natural.

For now we must continue to encourage all students of all ages to pursue their passion for the arts. They can still get their degree in economics or drive race cars or answer phones at a doctor’s office… but wherever life may take them I hope they’ll have had that early artistic access. The arts don’t just enrich, they are essential. If all American get to experience the artistic pleasure we have, there would be no need for advocates. High art, low art, there would be no question that is should be accessible and treasured. Arts would be part of everyday life.

As if they weren’t already. Sometimes we just don’t have the tools to see it.