So my roommate is way into zombies.

Not like into them has posters, dresses up as the walking dead for Halloween, plays zombie video games or has any kind of obsession with death (I don’t think), but into them as in has watched nearly every zombie film in order to stock pile information on exactly how she would survive a zombie apocalypse.

This girl is prepared. Like has zombie killing attack plan (go for the brain, don’t use a gun it attracts others), a zombie type indexing system (zombies in I Am Legend vs Walking Dead vs Dawn of the Dead… the list goes on) and pre-planned packing essentials in case she needs to get on the road, fast (it’s all about canned cheese).

However this post isn’t about her or the fact that I’m grateful I live with a competent survivalist in case a mad scientist infects us all through polluted water supplies or disease carrying rats or something

It’s about the ARTS. Granted our role as emerging arts leaders may fall to the way side in our desperate attempt to survive (or join up… this morning’s metro ride makes me wonder if a significant portion of DC’s workforce would prefer to be zombies since, essentially, they already are) but I believe us artsy types are far more likely to survive cause of two essential tools we all have (note, if you don’t have these consider another profession): creativity and resourcefulness.

Just THINK about it. As emerging arts leaders we’re facing lagging support, funding cuts, increased apathy towards artistic needs, problems with access, finances, audiences, the list goes on… yet we find a way. Our ability to make a budget balance, come up with creative solutions to impossible problems, facilitate short-term fixes while planning for long-term solutions, re-inventing the old to fit the new, finding art in the every day, turning the artistic experience into an essential vs the leisurely one and SO many other magical acts of creating something out of nothing would ensure that above everyone else, if a zombie staggered in to our office/cubical/workspace/home/whatever we would have the creativity and resourcefulness to take that goon out using only the items on our desk.

So remember that when you’re you’re handing out candy to kiddies this Halloween, if one of them is a legit zombie, you’re more prepared than you know.