Back in March the fabulous Nina Simon posted in her fantastic blog Museum 2.0 about the San Diego Museum of Natural History‘s simple participatory post-it note experiment by guest posters,  the museum’s exhibit team—Kim Blackford, Cary Canning, Margi Dykens, Michael Field, Erica Kelly, Jim Melli, Mary Lou Morreal, Tim Murray, Josh Payne, and Michael Wall.

The premise of “Case by Case” is pretty simple: put objects on display with no label and provide the visitor with an opportunity to ask questions and/or make observations about the objects. Our exhibits group knocked around ideas for mechanisms of audience feedback. In the end, we went with sticky notes, pencils and plenty of wall space. We knew that we risked off-topic and off-color remarks but felt that the feedback would be more genuine (and useful) than mechanisms that controlled vocabulary (i.e., magnetic poetry). Plus, the implementation is dead simple.
As emerging arts leaders we’re always looking for ways to invite our visitors in, increase participation, think this is a successful method?