Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium

Creatively Making our Place

Join us for the 40th Anniversary celebration of Arts Management at AU!

As you may or may not know, EALS lives at American University in its Arts Management program.  We are fortunate enough to be students during a very special time of … Continue reading

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AmyJo here! This week we’re looking back to cuter faces, cooler clothes, and our creative beginnings. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what your EALS Committee was saying, eating, and/or … Continue reading

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The Hidden Gems

Hi all! I’m Colleen, resident folkie of the group, and your tour guide for today. If you’re in DC and in the mood for folk music, arts, and dance, here’s … Continue reading

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Benefit Concert Recap

Thank you!  We would like to thank everyone who came out to this year’s Benefit Concert, featuring the talented Capitol Piano Trio! It was nothing short of a huge success … Continue reading

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Proudly Announcing the 2015 EALS Committee!

Hello blogosphere!  Erin here, your new Executive Chair. As my first imperial decree humble proclamation, I hereby introduce you to the newly formed EALS Committee 2015.  Not only are they … Continue reading

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Introducing EALS 2015 Executive Committee!

With summer break underway, all of you students and teachers deserve a hearty congratulations! For me, the year was filled to the brim with challenging work, new friends and collaborators, … Continue reading

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Finding the Right Questions

Jamie McCrary is in her second year of the Arts Management Masters Program at American University. Here, she shares her experience of attending the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium on March 23, … Continue reading

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EALS 2014 Recap

By 9 am on Sunday, March 23, the Kreeger lobby was starting to buzz with eager and enthusiastic arts leaders at all stages of their careers, from students to CEOs, … Continue reading

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Panel Topic: Artist and Administrator

This timely discussion comes on the heels of a high-profile lockout in which artists and administrators could not reach an agreement on artist salaries, organizational priorities, or just about anything. … Continue reading

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Panel Topic: Arts & Diplomacy

Our world continues to shrink while our collective creativity abounds. Washington DC, a hub for international activity and exchange, boasts some of the most influential diplomacy organizations and programs in … Continue reading

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